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I’ll be home for Christmas…

…if you don’t mind moving it. 🙂

So, hey! I’m stranded in San Diego and posting from my phone because I’m not already generating enough content streams via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. Would post to Cosmic Kitty, but I can’t remember the password and can’t be bothered to figure out what it is right now. Sad, considering my line of work.

So, hey! Portland! When I wished for (and was denied) a white Christmas for many years, what I didn’t ask for was the cumulative snow of those many years piled onto one Christmas and for me to be stranded in So. Cal. until it was over. Just sayin’. Make a note of it. I know you’ll do better next year.

Thistle is Dead

It would seem that Thistle development has definitely come to an end. The developer himself has switched to using WordPress, which strongly suggests that I may want to find something else to power this little self indulgence. Blah.

Whatever I switch to, I doubt it’ll support importing entries from Thistle, which leads to the inevitable question of whether I should bother to port it all across. Seems worthwhile — after all, it’s a diary of sorts — but I hope it’s not too painful a process.

Whither Thistle?

Harumph. After six months away I thought I’d check in and see what developments had been taking place over at Scotland Software, whence Matt Gemmell produces Thistle. Sadly, it seems the most recent word is from 24 July 2003, and the forums are currently returning a phpBB critical error. This bodes ill. Perhaps I shall be investigating other packages soon. 🙁

Well, There Went June

Right. Obviously I have been a lax diarist this past month.

I love my iBook, but it’s been a troublesome creature. A few weeks ago its HD spontaneously fragged itself, and not 2 days after I received the repaired unit back from Apple, the LCD backlight died, necessitating another round-trip to Cupertino. All seems well now, but I had not heretofore been very responsible about backups, and my personal files could only be restored as of Jan 27, 2003 . Well, there’s a first time for everything, I suppose, and I shall be better about it in the future. Damn good thing I bought that extended warranty, though … I’ve already gotten my money’s worth three-times over, I suspect.

In bloggy news, I believe I have finally stamped a bug that was preventing Windows IE users from seeing the occasional images that I toss into blog entries. Seems IE doesn’t quite follow the W3C standards (my code validates clean!) and somehow the images were being positioned beneath the blog background. Damn you, Microsoft!

Image Gallery Goodness

Sortof. I’m playing with PhotoFrame, seeing if it will suit my needs. It might just do the trick. It could be a bit more elegant in many ways — god how I hate frames — but we’ll see how it goes.

Doesn’t seem to support multiple galleries, however, which may well be its undoing. If it can’t generate a master gallery of galleries, then what good is it?


Thanks to nicksay, of the forums, I am Glossary-ing and Showing Smiles in entries now, and have a line on wedging the Kung-Tunes output into the sidebar. Right now the latter’s doing its thing but being rather ugly. I may reconsider this.

Now that iTunes 4 serves, I’d like to link to a stream from my box. Unfortunately, that means fiddling with port forwarding on my router, and it hasn’t been talking to me lately. Heh. I can’t remember if I configured it to only listen to its management port, or if I specified some obscure combo of port and ip address as the only valid point of configuration. I’ve tried port scanning it from a number of reasonable IPs, but it doesn’t show any services. Since the old PowerWave died (at my hands, I confess) there are no computers in the house with old-style serial ports, thus nothing to connect the management cable to. Harumph. So, it’s either a USB management cable or a new DSL modem/router for me. Maybe the latter, if feature sets are much improved over my aging Cisco 675.

Also of interest is working out a convenient method of image handling. I’d like to upload smallish galleries of photos and have them play nicely in the Thistle space. Ideally just fill a folder with images, write any captions as imagename.txt, and presto, gallery.

We shall see.