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byCycle Online Trip Planner

I’ve often thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a MapQuest for bike routes?” Turns out there is! I came across this link to the byCycle Trip Planner on the Sellwood Cycle Repair website. The Planner is still very much under development, but I have great hopes for this tool. As of now, it is a pretty basic “Point A to Point B” resource. But in the future it will give riders the ability to customize their results according to distance, less hills, less traffic, etc. Very cool. The developers are interested in adding more cities to the Planner list which currently includes Portland OR, Milawaukee WI, and Pittsburgh PA.

Breakfast on the Bridges

Uncool: my car wouldn’t start this morning — don’t know why yet — so I biked to work in the rain, sans rain gear.

Very Cool: at the westbound mid-point of the Broadway Bridge, I encountered a crew of folks serving up free coffee and pastries to cyclists. Breakfast on the Bridges only happens the last Friday of each month (and, for some reason, this Friday as well), so I guess I’ve just never biked in when it was happening. I didn’t stop, since I was already half an hour late to work and chilly-wet, but they brightened my morning just by being there. Hooray for small-scale social activism.

Update: Tried jumping the car, and having it poked at by a more mechanically-minded friend, but to no avail. It’s towin’ time! I may find it hard not to cycle in the near future. Which kinda sucks, what with a couple of graduations and guests and whatnot this week and next.

Blue Cranes

Mississippi Pizza Pub Neon SignBiked down to the Mississippi Pizza Pub (1.3 mi) for a late dinner tonight, where we discovered the very pleasant Blue Cranes playing the last four or five numbers of what must’ve been a fairly long set. They’re a laid-back and pleasantly-riffing bass, drum & sax trio that I wouldn’t mind hearing more of. I’m a bit ashamed — no one was taking cash at the door and they packed up after wrapping without passing a hat. It’s only now, checking the schedule, that I see there was a cover. I should’ve thrown them some shekels, as they certainly deserved it. I’ll catch you next time, guys.

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42.3 Miles

There wasn’t much biking this winter… other than commuting to work on occasion, and a few round-trips to the grocery store, I fear I availed myself of it far less than I ought to have. I couldn’t say when the last ride of 2004 took place, but a lack of rain gear, will, and the perpetually dreary Oregon drizzle combined to keep me from pedaling, December to March.

A few outings to the neighborhood branch library and Peninsula Park these past two weekends represent all the cycling I’ve done for months, however let them be categorized as but the first creakings of the spring cycling thaw, with much more to come. Thus, I submit another cyclometer entry: 42.3 measly miles. Mind, the cyclometer was installed after 30-odd miles of excursion and many misc. jaunts of unknown distance. Still, were it to top 100 miles (which it likely does) the corrected figure would still be not a patch on the amount of oil-burning driving that I do in three months’ time. Here’s to the one lessening and the other increasing (and me decreasing, while we’re redistributing things).

The Cyclometer Starts Now

Well, it started yesterday in fact. Yes, I installed a cyclometer on my bike yesterday. Not because I’m training or anything, but really because I kept wondering how far it was, how long it took, how fast I went, etc. from point A to point B (never got around to mentioning that I bought a bicycle, did I? Ah well…). If nothing else, the total odometer reading is a useful thing to schedule recurring maintenance by.

At any rate, this is just a note-to-self that the odometer (and other cumulative statistical goodness) started from zero on September 19, 2004.

It’s right at 6.0 miles after a round trip to The Kennedy School for dinner last night, but the number will only go up 🙂 .