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Garden Happenings

Strawberries Strawberry Banana Cereal Tiger Lilies

Exciting things on the garden front! After a couple weeks of a finding only one or two strawberry du jour ripe and ready for consumption (usually by me), the little strawberry patch has finally come into its own. This morning I picked enough strawberries to generously top two bowls of cereal. We have different varieties sharing the same plot and it is my observation that the Hood variety, while oddly shaped (elongated and ovular) and smaller than the others, is by far the tastiest and most prolific.

The tiger lilies along the hedge are blooming. It seems like ages ago (2002?) that C planted the bulbs in that part of the garden. This may be the first year that blooming stalks have exceeded the number of original bulbs planted.

The spinach, Correnta hybrid, that I planted as seed has emerged. The beans are still sleeping. Our lettuce is lush and beautiful. The pressure is on to consume many salads before the lettuce bolts! C and I have not been cooking at home as much as, perhaps, we should be. Our vegetables are gaining on us.

We planted brussel sprouts this year in the hopes that we wouldn’t have the same aphid situation as before with brassicas. But, as I suppose we knew it would turn out, they are now rife with the squirmy grey critters. Ew. We lean toward organic methods and hesitate to use pesticides. C is on the lookout for a good pepper spray.

Spinach Round Two and Fortex Found

C's Bamboo Bean Trellis

C’s Bamboo Bean Trellis

I harvested the spinach that C planted in early May (it was ready to bolt) and replaced it with a summer-lovin’ (“…had me a bla-a-a-ast…”) strain from New Zealand, “Correnta Hybrid” (Territorial Seed). This is our first attempt growing this type of spinach. It doesn’t *quite* get full sun, as it supposedly requires, so we shall see how it fares. I gave it a dose of diluted fish emulsion for luck.

I finally found Fortex (Fedco Seeds) at our local independent nursery, Buffalo Gardens. I also picked up some “French Climbing” beans sold in bulk. This will be the first time that particular bean has been planted in our garden.

C finished constructing a bean trellis earlier today, and has just now finished planting the Fortex and French Climbing. He tells me that the Fortex have been planted on the inside row, and the French Climbing on the outside. Let’s hope it’s not too late for a good crop!

byCycle Online Trip Planner

I’ve often thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a MapQuest for bike routes?” Turns out there is! I came across this link to the byCycle Trip Planner on the Sellwood Cycle Repair website. The Planner is still very much under development, but I have great hopes for this tool. As of now, it is a pretty basic “Point A to Point B” resource. But in the future it will give riders the ability to customize their results according to distance, less hills, less traffic, etc. Very cool. The developers are interested in adding more cities to the Planner list which currently includes Portland OR, Milawaukee WI, and Pittsburgh PA.

Late Spring Plantings

C and I were inspired last weekend by the unseasonably summery weather and planted a raft of summer vegetable and herb starts:

  • Early Cascade Tomato
  • Black Krim Tomato
  • Yellow Currant Tomato
  • Yellow Crookneck
  • Zucchini
  • Black Beauty Eggplant
  • “Asian” Eggplant (I forget the name, darnit)
  • Spicy Veronese Basil
  • Sweet Genoa Basil
  • French Thyme

We have had no luck finding seeds for the slender french/filet pole beans that we like so much. Specifically, we have our eyes open for Fortex — a string bean we have grown in numerous years with great success.