August Garden

Grape ClusterAugust is a pretty exciting month in our garden. Grapes, peppers and early cascade tomatoes are ripening. We’ve had to pick green beans every other day or so for the last couple of weeks. The potato plants are lush and blooming thanks to some tweaking of the drip irrigation system. The lemon cucumbers are bountiful as are the zucchini and yellow squash.

Some disappointments: The eggplants are still weak looking and the yellow currant hasn’t produced as much ripe fruit as I would have expected by this point in the growing season — certainly not on par with our usual small tomato of choice, the sungold (which we, sadly, couldn’t track down this year).

The Black Krim tomatoes are still very green, I hope we get some ripe ones before the weather becomes unfavorable!

1 thought on “August Garden

  1. I forgot to mention that C ascribes the underperformance of our tomatoes and eggplant to the fact that he has neglected to apply fish emulsion bi-weekly this year. The beans and squash don’t seem to be wanting for nutrients, but our tomatoes of previous years have grown to tremendous heights while this year they are just… eh.

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