The Old UPS LogoHooray! The bass is en route to Portland as of June 30th, albeit moving rather slowly. No planes for this axe — it’s being shipped via UPS Ground — so it’s only covered about 250 miles. Just 2,600 to go. Brown estimates arrival to be on Monday, July 10, which is a bummer. Hopefully some trucker will be bucking for a bonus and it’ll arrive a few days early, but I doubt it — these things are probably fairly regimented.

The bass is currently in New Stanton, PA, cooling its heels on a Sunday afternoon. Track its progress, if you care to. I know I am.

3 thoughts on “Bass en Route

  1. Wow, this tracking business is fun. It left New Stanton, PA 3 days ago and hasn’t been scanned since. Guess it’s just hauling ass on a single truck headed direct to a Pacific Northwest regional distribution center, or its barcode would’ve passed under someone’s beam by now. Tick Tock…

  2. Oh, the humanity. It’s in town. “Out for Delivery” at 3:49 this AM. On a Saturday, so there’s no one at the office to receive it. We’ve no door-buzzer, and the front doors auto-lock on weekends, so short of my camping out on the street I fear that I must wait until Monday. Noble Cross-Country UPS Trucker, your amphetamine consumption was in vain.

  3. I think “Out for Delivery” was an error that they swiftly revised to “Destination Scan,” as subsequent versions of the feed make no mention of the hallowed “Delivery”. Trawling through UPS’ rather convoluted site, I gather that Saturday delivery is an optional addition to Ground service, and not inherent. Consequently, the bass (shipped as cheaply as possible) is condemned to an idle weekend in the UPS warehouse.

    Not that this prevented me from dropping by the office to see if they’d left a delivery notice, mind you.

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