Yielding to Temptation

Hrm. Still no response from Jay Turser on the email, but I’ve located a Turser dealer who sells via web and eBay and comes highly-rated by those in the harmony-central reviews who have purchased from him. Via e-mail, he tells me that though it’s not listed, he has a JTB-3/N in stock (or maybe he’ll have one drop-shipped… either way, he can get me one). Though I’ve not played one, I have tried out short-scale basses and was comfortable with them, and also enjoyed the feel of the Ibanez (q.v. earlier). That, in conjunction with a couple of fine reviews, and the fact that it just looks like a beautiful creature, has me thinking I’ll order a JTB-3 sight-unseen. What the hell… it’s $300, and I can resell it if it’s not my bag. I don’t have a playing style yet, so it’s unlikely to violate any preconceptions.

I’m waiting to hear back from the musiclandcentral peeps about a few questions I had, but that’s more just so that I know what I’m getting and won’t be surprised, I think. Don’t know yet if there’s a custom case to fit it (that’s one of the questions) — if so, I’ll buy it from him so that it can be shipped in a better-protected container than cardboard boxen. Then all I’ll be lacking will be an amp, some picks, and instructional material.

A Small AmpRe the amp: shall I buy a lil’ 10 or 15 watt practice amp, or ought I size-up (in a small way) to a 30 for better sound, if not louder playing? Buy it beforehand, to be prepared when the axe arrives in the mail, or wait until I can lug it around with me and try ’em out on? I’m thinking the latter may be excessive — particularly if I don’t have a case or even gig bag — so maybe it doesn’t matter. Time to hit the amp reviews, I guess.

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  1. Still waiting to hear back from musiclandcentral… weird. My first email, asking whether they had JTB-3’s in stock, was answered almost immediately. By BlackBerry. At 3AM Pennsylvania-time. Made me wonder if he was currently in PA, or if he’s doing the Mondial thing. Two follow-up emails have gone unanswered, though. Pity, as I’d hoped to have the thing in my hands soon, but until I hear back, I can’t order. Until I order, it won’t ship. Once it ships, it’ll be about 4 days in transit. Which is to say, dammit, I’d really like to get the thing ordered. Helloooo. Tap-tap. Is this thing on?

  2. OK, groovy. Finally managed to hook up with Dennis from musiclandcentral and got the bass ordered. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have (Turser hasn’t made) a hard case for it, so its journey through the post will be less well-protected than I’d like. I shall hope for the best.

    He says it’ll ship tomorrow, but what with July the 4th in the middle there, Dennis thinks it likely to arrive on Thursday the 6th. I’ve had it sent to the office, so if I’m lucky I’ll be able to do some amp shopping after work.

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