Kicking off Garden ‘06

Duly diligent, I amended half of the beds and planted some cooler weather veg yesterday. About 20 lettuce starts, a block of spinach, and an equally sizable block of Swiss chard. Chives and a lemon cucumber, too, though it may be a bit early for the cuke. I had a spur of the moment urge to grow Brussels sprouts, so I’ve planted six of them… perhaps this year the aphids will leave them alone, or we’ll have better luck dissuading them. Thing is, even the quick-maturing variety I’ve planted is ~76 days to fruition, by which time we’re well into the first week of July.

Q. What does one plant in July in Oregon?
A. As far as I know, nothing.

Feh, silly old me. Now I’ll have a bed just lying fallow during the hottest months. Too late to plant tomatoes or peppers or melons in it… I suppose it’s just conceivable that I could get a speedy winter squash going in there. Must investigate. Otherwise, it’s a fall salad bed, which does not excite.

2 thoughts on “Kicking off Garden ‘06

  1. Heh. You know, after vociferously declaring my intent to adulterate Slakethirst with all sorts of general-subject posts, gardening included, I had a better idea. I’ve decided to resurrect an old domain that I’ve had lying fallow for years, install another instance of WordPress, and use it for all things not potable. It’s in the process of getting set-up — I’ve copied across relevant posts from here — but for my gardeny things and the rest, you may look to in future. Don’t expect it to be authoritative … it’ll serve the same purpose I had for this place, more a notebook than a magazine. Ms. Thirsty will be using it as well … terribly domestic, I know.

    Congrats, incidentally, on your horticultural industriousness … I’m afraid we’ve gone even further downhill this year, with damned near everything planted from nursery-bought starts. Mind, it’s a wee patch we have chez Slakethirst. Never have had much luck with starting in trays, as the house is oddly-sited and there’s really nowhere that gets the right kind of light for long enough to start tender seeds indoors 🙁

    Tomorrow I just need to locate a packet the right pole beans … for some reason the stores I frequent are overstocked with bush beans, but carry scant poles, and those that they do carry are Kentucky Wonders, Blue Lakes, or other largish things. It’s gotta be filets for me 🙂

  2. It’s great to hear that you’ll be blogging about gardening too. I definitely struggled with the topic for my blog; I considered cooking, gardening, mixology, video games… the list goes on and on.

    Needless to say, I’ll be following and probably commenting profusely on your gardening exploits.

    Living in central PA, our growing season isn’t the most prime, but I’ve been able to crank out some tasty veg. This year I’ve already planted the following outside: peas, pole beans, arugula, frisee, cilantro, spinach, radishes, mixed lettuces, carrots. My mint, thyme, and sage have survived the winter as well (the rosemary didn’t make it). Inside in trays I have tomatoes, alpine strawberries, basil, parsley, marjoram, cucumber, thyme, rosemary, a few flowers that bring in good bugs, and scallions.

    This is my first year starting stuff in trays, and for the most part everything is working out. Though the parsley stems have been turning brown, and they look a bit unhappy. I might direct sow some this weekend just in case my seedlings don’t make it.

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