More Planting

Finally managed to get more planted for the summer… June 12th is distressingly late, but it’s been chilly recently, so I reassure myself that I’ve not really lost that much time to lethargy. New today:

  • 16 Fasold pole beans
  • 8 Genovese basil
  • 1 Globe basil
  • 1 “Romanian Ethnic” red/orange sweet pepper
  • 1 “Gypsy” yellow sweet pepper
  • 1 African Kettle gourd
  • 1 “Ichiban” Asian eggplant
  • 1 “Ping Tong Long” Asian eggplant

The Fasolds are a single row of beans, planted with seed saved from summer ‘03. I’m reluctant to plant the entire crop with them in case they don’t germinate well. I’ll pick up a packet of something else to plant on the other side of the A-frame soon, and should make a point of saving from the crop this year to ensure fresh seed. Haven’t constructed the trellis yet, as I judge my bamboo poles due to be refreshed … they’re really only good for 2-3 seasons before they begin splitting and lose their integrity.

The gourd is a first this year … no idea how it will turn out, or just how much room it’s going to require. If it behaves like a giant pumpkin (and I suspect it will) then late summer will see gourd vines spilling out onto the patio and across the lawn. Assuming we get some decent-sized gourds off of it, I plan to make salad bowls. Most crafty, no?