Breakfast on the Bridges

Uncool: my car wouldn’t start this morning — don’t know why yet — so I biked to work in the rain, sans rain gear.

Very Cool: at the westbound mid-point of the Broadway Bridge, I encountered a crew of folks serving up free coffee and pastries to cyclists. Breakfast on the Bridges only happens the last Friday of each month (and, for some reason, this Friday as well), so I guess I’ve just never biked in when it was happening. I didn’t stop, since I was already half an hour late to work and chilly-wet, but they brightened my morning just by being there. Hooray for small-scale social activism.

Update: Tried jumping the car, and having it poked at by a more mechanically-minded friend, but to no avail. It’s towin’ time! I may find it hard not to cycle in the near future. Which kinda sucks, what with a couple of graduations and guests and whatnot this week and next.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast on the Bridges

  1. That’s so cool. I really wish I had the option to bike/commute if I desired, but it’s just a bit too far. I’ve been considering a way to haul my bike with me, and maybe drive for awhile and bike the rest.

    Speaking of, I need to find a good ride to break in my new bike (and myself, for that matter) that starts Sellwood-ish. Due to the awful weather, I still have yet to put a full mile on it. Well, maybe this weekend…


  2. Yeah, I’m fortunate, bike-commute wise. It’s just 3 1/2 miles to work from my house and I’m only 2 blocks from a bike lane that takes me to the office door. I really have no excuse for not doing it more often, other than horrible laziness, waking-up-lateness, lack of rain gear, need to be dressed and dry for client meetings … none particularly valid, but I’ve got a million of ‘em.

    I can recommend no finer ride for the Sellwood-ish denizen than the Springwater Corridor Trail, and this weekend is supposed to be surprisingly sunny and dry. It’s kind of a shock to get on your bike and suddenly find yourself in Gresham (or Boring, if you’re up for a gravel trail). There’s a decent Thai restaurant in old downtown Gresham, just near the trailhead, too, where beer and spicy foods can be had to fuel your return trip.

    Update: OK, so I was wrong about the weather. Honestly, Friday morning’s forecast was for a much nicer weekend than we seem to be having.

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