The Traditional Towel Animals

“Our steward, Edgar, introduced himself on the first evening and let us know he was available if there was anything we wanted. Then, he disappeared for the rest of the cruise. We did however see evidence that he was taking good care of the room, preparing the traditional towel animals and turning down the bed linens in the evening.”

I somehow surfed my way into a cruise review site this evening, whence the above … I find it pleasing to imagine that there exists a people — a nomadic servant class — whose chief cultural expression is communicated through the medium of towel origami.

Not being a cruise-ship type person, I was heretofore unaware of this art form.

2 thoughts on “The Traditional Towel Animals

  1. Perhaps they are related to the leftover-aluminum foil-animals you get at some fancy restaurants. They always made me happy.

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