CERN Rocks!

CERN is the world’s largest particle physics research center, which makes it home to some very funky brains. Sometimes they do things other than particle physics in their spare time. CERN is where Tim Berners-Lee developed the WWW, of course, so it’s not surprising that CERN is also the home of the first band on the web.

There are at least 10 rock and jazz groups on the CERN campus, ranging from the CERN Big Bang Orchestra (very big), to the straight-forward indyrock sound of 24Seven, the novelty science doo-wop of Les Horribles Cernettes, the chanson-rock of Der Schöne Bahnhof, and the one-man electronica of Pretty Blue Fox. Some draw on physics for their musical inspiration (the Cernettes in particular) while others are content merely to jam.

Most offer MP3s to download, several are happy to sell you a CD. Sample the sounds of CERN!

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