Well, There Went June

Right. Obviously I have been a lax diarist this past month.

I love my iBook, but it’s been a troublesome creature. A few weeks ago its HD spontaneously fragged itself, and not 2 days after I received the repaired unit back from Apple, the LCD backlight died, necessitating another round-trip to Cupertino. All seems well now, but I had not heretofore been very responsible about backups, and my personal files could only be restored as of Jan 27, 2003 . Well, there’s a first time for everything, I suppose, and I shall be better about it in the future. Damn good thing I bought that extended warranty, though … I’ve already gotten my money’s worth three-times over, I suspect.

In bloggy news, I believe I have finally stamped a bug that was preventing Windows IE users from seeing the occasional images that I toss into blog entries. Seems IE doesn’t quite follow the W3C standards (my code validates clean!) and somehow the images were being positioned beneath the blog background. Damn you, Microsoft!

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