An Update

the corner, once moreI have been remiss in updating. The corner bed I mentioned last week has been excavated and ammended as planned. It’s not much to look at now, but the bulbs I planted earlier are emerging, and I’ve transplanted some nasturtium starts from another bed — the product of thinning — to fill in the newly deepened space. A fabulously orange California Poppy, albeit currently not flowering, sits at the corner, and I settled on a dwarf azalea as the counterpoint to the fig in the shadiest part of the bed (around the corner, not visible in this picture). It shouldn’t grow to more than 3′ x 4′, and its flowers are a wonderful saffron orange as well. I think I shall plant some gargantuan sunflowers (Kong) in the rest of the plot — there should be enough sun, and I’ve managed to dedicate all of what used to be sunflower space to perennials now. 🙁

After multiple trips to several nurseries, I finally managed to locate a Sungold cherry tomato plant … in a rack in front of my grocery store, of all places! So, the last tomato is in, planted this afternoon. Fortunately Sungold is remarkably vigorous and ripens in ~55 days, so my having missed the traditional May 15th tomato planting date shouldn’t be a problem.

For some reason, I have also been thwarted in my search for bamboo poles, which means I haven’t got the fillet beans in the ground yet for lack of a structure for them to climb. Tomorrow I shall spare no effort in locating suitable bamboo from which to construct my annual A-frame bean trellis, because the beans must grow! June 1 is the accepted bean-planting date in these parts, so I’m safe here. Fortunately, I did find an old package of our favorite bean, Fasold, tucked away in the back of a box. Packed for 2001, but hopefully still healthy enough to germinate. For some reason, Territorial Seed Co., my seed source of choice, seems to have stopped propagating Fasolds. I’ll have to make a point of saving some after this year’s harvest.

I have also decided to grow pickling cucumbers this year. A bit late, perhaps, but I am sanguine, as the Lemon Cucumbers were planted rather tardily last year and did remarkably well. This year I shall be growing some of those short, fat cukes that make for the iconic kosher dill: the mellifluously named Wisconsin SMR-58. I won’t be seeking rabbinical oversight, though, so they’ll just be bog-standard goyish dill pickles.

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