A Catnip Tip

Butchie sniffs the cageBecause I love my cats and enjoy encouraging their addictions, I am growing catnip this year. Unfortunately, the furry junkies who share my home seem incapable of taking their drug of choice in moderation. It’s not that I’m worried about their overdosing — and don’t let John Ashcroft tell you differently, catnip is no gateway drug — but they have a very bad habit of chewing the plant down to its roots in their nip-induced frenzies. This is dreadfully deleterious to the catnip, of course, but as with many addicts they seem incapable of understanding the long-term consequences of their actions.

Thus, the birdcage. I forget where I came across this helpful garden hint, but it has proven to work smashingly. Find a birdcage suitable for placing over a pot. Remove the bottom. Place cage over said pot of catnip. Presto! The catnip thrives, and the beasts can still get their fix by nibbling between the bars. Sometimes I fear they may topple the pot entirely, transported as they are, but so far so good. Why not make their domesticated lives a bit more dionysian and grow some shwiggidy-shwag for your favorite felines?

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