Thanks to nicksay, of the forums, I am Glossary-ing and Showing Smiles in entries now, and have a line on wedging the Kung-Tunes output into the sidebar. Right now the latter’s doing its thing but being rather ugly. I may reconsider this.

Now that iTunes 4 serves, I’d like to link to a stream from my box. Unfortunately, that means fiddling with port forwarding on my router, and it hasn’t been talking to me lately. Heh. I can’t remember if I configured it to only listen to its management port, or if I specified some obscure combo of port and ip address as the only valid point of configuration. I’ve tried port scanning it from a number of reasonable IPs, but it doesn’t show any services. Since the old PowerWave died (at my hands, I confess) there are no computers in the house with old-style serial ports, thus nothing to connect the management cable to. Harumph. So, it’s either a USB management cable or a new DSL modem/router for me. Maybe the latter, if feature sets are much improved over my aging Cisco 675.

Also of interest is working out a convenient method of image handling. I’d like to upload smallish galleries of photos and have them play nicely in the Thistle space. Ideally just fill a folder with images, write any captions as imagename.txt, and presto, gallery.

We shall see.

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